Thursday, March 31, 2011

NOTD: Multi Colour Shatter!

 Hey Guys!!
Today I am bring you my shatter experiment. At first this was not what I was going for... My nails were just supposed to be yellow with pink crackle...

I didn't really like the combination for my skin colour (i'm really pale), so I decided to use my black shatter on top of what I already had... 
I like it! :)
You can't see the yellow very well in this picture, but I love the way it looks in person. The yellow is subtle, and it brings it a bit of brightness. Plus, there is coral micro glitter in the yellow, so it catches the light.

  •  Nicole by OPI - Yellow It's Me
  • China Glaze - Broken Hearted (Crackle Glaze)
  • OPI - Black Shatter
  • Seche Vite
I can't wait to do this with other colours! I'm thinking blues, purples, and greys? I'm thinking the colours will show up a lot better too.

I'm thinking about doing my Easter nail art soon as well. To soon? Or should I start ASAP?

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  1. I think the pink and yellow looks awesome! Easter is coming up, so I say break out the nail art. I'd love to see some creative ideas for Easter nails!