Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Swatches: Nicole By OPI - Justin Bieber Collection (Part 1)

Hey guys!
So, as most (if not all) of you know, Nicole by OPI teamed up with the teen sensation Justin Bieber, to make the 'One Less Lonely Girl' collection. Some of the $$ from the polish purchases will go to a nonprofit organization called Pencils of Promise. To find out more, just click here.

I fell in love with so many of the colours from this collection. I'm seriously trying not to buy them all.
So here is PART 1 of my Bieber collection.
LEFT TO RIGHT: Me + Blue, "Baby" Blue, I'm A Belieber, One Less Lonely Glitter, I Pink I Love Him, Top Of My World

LEFT TO RIGHT: Me + Blue, "Baby" Blue, I'm A Belieber, One Less Lonely Glitter, I Pink I Love Him, Top Of My World
LEFT TO RIGHT: Me + Blue, "Baby" Blue, I'm A Belieber
LEFT TO RIGHT: One Less Lonely Glitter, I Pink I Love Him, Top Of My World
 Description and Reviews:
Me + Blue: I love love love this colour! This polish is yale blue in colour, with holographic glitter. When in day light and bright lighting you can really see the holo glitter. It's beautiful! The formula is really thick, so it gives great coverage. It's fully opaque in two coats, although one thing that should be noted is that it's really bumpy when it's fully dried, but nothing some seche vite won't fix.

"Baby" Blue: Exactly as it says. Baby blue. It' a really nice light blue creme colour. It's perfectly opaque in two coats, and the formula is really smooth. There really isn't anything that special about the colour, I just bought it beause I don't have a baby blue in my collection.

I'm A Belieber: I love purple! This is a light/medium purple creme colour. It's also a nice formula, but it's takes three coats to be fully opaque. You couldddd go with two, but you might be pushing your luck.

One Less Lonely Glitter: One of my favorites!! I love glitter so much. This is fully opaque in three coats, and it is sooooooo nice. It's a thick formula with purple (maybe lilac?) glitter. The glitter in this bottle is amazing. So many different sizes. You really need to put a top coat of this one too (seche vite would be best). The glitter is so dense in this one, if you don't put on some top coat, it will feel like sand paper, ahaha.

I Pink I Love Him: Sooooooo disappointing. Judging from the bottle I thought it would have been like One Less Lonely Glitter, but it's not... at all. It's just a sheer pink formula with small pink glitter. I guess you could use it over another polish to liven it up a little but, honestly, I wouldn't waste the money. Make sure the formula dries all the way before applying another coat, or else the glitter will drag. (I found this polish didn't dry very quickly either).

Top Of My World: This is an iridescent glitter polish. Formula is a bit thick, which I like. It's really pretty, and it would look beautiful over any colour. I really want to try it out on purple or black. This is a layering polish.

I'm planning on putting the rest of my watches up either tomorrow or the next day. So, stay tuned!! :)

What is your favorite Bieber polish??


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