Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kaylie's Haul!

Hey Guys!
I really wanted to do some new easter nails for you yesterday but I just couldn't find the time! I actually spent almost 5 hours decorating a cake for my boyfriend's grandmother's 80th birthday. It turned out to be a success, which is great, but it took so freakin' long. Sad days.
This week I have been all about the sales when it comes to buying nail polish, so I decided to make a haul post because I haven't in sooooooooo long. I'm trying to save money because I'm actually getting my drivers license (wayyyyy over due) next week, and I was also informed that I will be going on a trip to Calgary, Alberta in August.
So, here is my awesome money saving haul, ahaha.

I bought China Glaze's Bad Kitty, and yes, this one was actually regular price, BUT, I really like sparkles, and pink, so I needed it :).
Plus I honestly don't have anything like it, so i'm happy with it.

I bought these two Orly polishes at Sally's (Monroe's Red, and Razzle), and they were on clearance for only $2.99! I had to get them. They are my first Orly's so I am very excited to use them.

Only $17.00 for 4 Polishes!

Next, I heard from a local site I go on that some OPI's were on sale at Regis Salon, so I went there a few nights ago hoping they had some left, and they did. I got all of these for 60% Off! Honestly, how can you pass it up?
I'm not going to lie, they are nice colours but I doubt I would have picked them up at regular price. Maybe with the exception of 'Chop-Sticking To My Story', because I love this burnt orange colour.

I promise I will have a new Easter NOTD up by tonight! Hope your all haveing a great weekend!

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Have you had any great nail polish finds this week??


  1. What store did you find Bad Kitty at? It looks super pretty!

  2. Bad Kitty is very very preety.
    Also, i've tagged you in this

  3. I bought Bad Kitty at Chatters, it's from a collection that came out sometime last year I believe! It's really cute.