Sunday, May 1, 2011

NOTD: BM20 Plate - Vines

Hey guys!

Our giveaway just officially ended, so I'm going to start checking and sorting all of the entries starting right now.
I will hopefully have the winner posed tonight, if not, it will be posted tomorrow morning.
I just decided to post a quick NOTD for you, because as I said a few posts back, I got my BM plates! I was so excited to use them, and I can't wait to do another mani tonight :).
I love this stamp. I'm going to call it vines, but if someone wants to correct me, feel welcome, but I feel there is a more proper name than that, hahaha. Anyways, here she issssssssss:

I love this so much!

  • Orly - Goth
  • Nicole by OPI - Light A Candle
  • Seche Vite
  • BM20 Plate
Oh, I also have a haul post coming up soon too. I went on a mini nail polish shopping spree yesterday. Not hard to tell it was payday :P



  1. this is one of my fave bm stamps! nicely done.

    looking forward to your giveaway winner and haul post! hahaha

  2. That is beautiful! I've never tried Konad or BM or any of the other stamps, but posts like this reallllly tempt me!

  3. that is a really pretty design i love it :)

    shel xx

  4. Gorgeous nails! I love the design.

  5. Thanks guys! :)

    Rebecca: Hopefully I will be getting that haul post tonight!