Tuesday, March 29, 2011


 Hey guys!

I'm really sorry about the lack of posting on my part lately. I do have a lame excuse though!  I'm addicted to a new tv show. If I'm home, I've been glued to the computer watching Sons of Anarchy haha I will be updating with a new FOTD tomorrow though. For now, here's a nail polish haul!

After buying a bunch of nail polishes awhile ago, I decided I needed more matte colours. Which ended up with my buying 2 matte and 5 other colours haha More from the L.A. Colors lines, so thankfully it didn't cost that much!

Left to right: Matte Indigo, Radiation, Matte Pink, Art Deco Dark Blue, Disco Brites Groovy, Art Deco White, Disco Brites Funkadelic, Disco Brites Platforms

Price range $1.99 to $2.99

The disco brites are apparently black light nail polish.  I'm really excited to check that out! So that's it for my mini haul!



  1. wow, could you please swatch the matte color, they look interesting!!! =D