Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of make up posts lately, I've been out of town for a week with no internet access! I hope you guys are enjoying the blog so far! If you have any questions you can leave a comment or email us at  As Kaylie stated in a previous post, we're just working out some details and getting the hang of things! We're adding tags/labels to everything so it will be easier to search the blog for a particular look/item. Also, check out our wishlists in the next few days, they should be updated as well.

We're already planning our first giveaway! As of right now, our first giveaway will be at 50 followers. We're gathering a little bundle of goodies for the lucky winner! As we collect, we will give you little sneak peeks of the prize.

You can also check out my make up Tumblr, and follow us on twitter!

We have plans for product/tool reviews, swatches, nail/face of the day posts, first impression posts and many other things! Let us know what you think! Leave us a tweet, comment or email! 


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