Friday, April 22, 2011

NOTD: Easter Nails Pt 3! Chicks with a twist :)

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys!

This is a quick easter NOTD that I did last week.
I wanted to do chicks with bunny ears, hahaha. I don't really like how they came out, but that's okay. They were a little rushed, and it just didn't beat the bunny nails that I did a while ago.
My cuticles are actually terrible in this picture, but I had no time to moisturize because I was actually on a boat at the time (random, I know).
  • Nicole By OPI - "Baby" Blue (Base)
  • A Random Yellow (Chick)
  • Art Deco Black (Eyes)
  • Art Deco White (Ears)
  • Avon - Cotton Candy (Inside Ears)
  • A Random Orange (Beak)

And on a very very sad note, I completely demolished one of my nails. It made a very clean break... Want to have a look? It might be painful to look at...  SO DEPRESSING!!!!
I know, I'm dramatic, but now I don't have pretty nails!!
Oh, a bit of this break was caused by moving around lots of merchandise at my work today, but the finale was when i was tapping my hands/fingers on my steering wheel while listening to music... that's when the real damage happened.
I really need to file it down, which means the other will probably be going too.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, haha. I'm probably going to do another NOTD tonight... I'll keep you guys posted!


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  1. they kinda remind me of my hello kitty doll thing with the bunny ears! haha. cute!
    too bad about your nail :(

  2. Hey Kaylie, you managed to make your nails so amazing, that's so cute!!
    Keep it up!!
    I've did something like that, if you wanna take a look, click at this link: this is my one.