Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My (embarrassing ) Haul!

Hey guys!

I have been telling you that I would post a haul, and I have been completely ignoring it (i'm sorry :(, i've just had alot of commotion going on in the last while). BUT the haul is finally here. And it is slightly embarrassing.
This actually doesn't account for all of April, but whatever. I mostly buy them on sale!
My boyfriend tells me i'm addicted, but I buy when they are on sale!! :)
Here it goes!

Sally Hansen - Xtreme Wear in (LEFT TO RIGHT: Purple Pizzazz, Mellow Yellow, Sun Kissed, Going Green, and Grey Area

These are the BM plates that I ordered off ebay. I'm still so happy I bought them! (Lame, I know)..

Milani One Coat Glitters LEFT TO RIGHT: Silver Dazzle, Gold Glitz, Blue Flash, Purple Gleam, and Jewel FX Gold
OPI (gift from my boyfriend for easter!!) LEFT TO RIGHT: I Think In Pink, Yoga-ta Get This Blue!, Overexposed In South Beach

Randoms LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe - Twilight (flakie), Orly - Luxe, Orly - Goth, China Glaze - Strong Adhesion Base Coat

Randoms LEFT TO RIGHT - Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White (I ran out of my old bottle), Nicole by OPI - Too Rich For You, Nicole By OPI - Nicole...Spotted!
And there you have it!
I'm going to cut down on my polish intake.. I think that will be my goal for May.. maybe it will work :)
 I'm cutting this post short, I just really want to post this for you guys asap.
Time for me to go to sleep. I seem to be lacking it these days.



  1. awesome haul! :) love some of the colors you picked up! definitely hoping for some swatches!!

  2. which dominion did you find twilight at? i want itttttt.

  3. i love the sally hensen colours so pretty and bright :)

    shel xx

  4. Carissakuo: I'll put some swatches up soon, anything in particular you would like to see?

    Rebecca: I finally found it at the Mt.Pearl one! It's not in the actual Joe cosmetics display, but it was right across from it, on a shelf. They were on a little plastic displayer which had all of the new spring (ish?) polishes on it.

    Irishenchantment: I love these colours too. I didn't have much hope for the xtreme wear polishes until I tried Lacey Lilac, then I went out and bought more! Can't beat $2.47!

  5. Wow that's definitely a lot of nail polishes LOL! Jewel FX Gold looks amazing!

  6. My goodness...how do you store all your polishes?!

  7. omg! u have some of the gossip girl collection by nicole by opi - OBSESSED! i havent been able to find it anywhere!