Friday, May 6, 2011

NOTD: Cupcake nails!!

Hey Guys!
K, so, anyone who knows me, knows I love cupcakes. Everything about them. Loves. Cupcakes.
So, when I seen cupcake nails circulating on google, I had to do them...
I first did them on my friend Ashley (they were a part of her birthday nails seen here!!), and I loved them. A few nights ago I decided to give them a go again, and I did all of my fingers with cupcakes on them :)
The only thing I would have changed is my colour choices. I don't know how I feel about the yellow cups. Hahaha.
Oh, I also bought a crazy florescent light bulb too, so Im hoping that will make some of my pictures brighter.
Here they areee:
More pic's and products used after the jump!

  • Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White (Icing)
  • Nicole by OPI - "Baby" Blue (Background and Sprinkles)
  • Nicole by OPI - I'm A Belieber (Background and Sprinkles)
  • OPI - Lucky Lucky Lavender (Cupcake liners/cups)
  • Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow (Cupcake liners/cups)
  • Icing - N/A (orange detail on liners/cups)
  • LA Colors - Danity (detail on liners/cups and sprinkles)
  • Nicole by OPI - Have A Heart (Heart on top of cupcake)


  1. These are so freeking adorable. and they're done so well!

  2. oh they're so cute
    after i did my one cupcake thumb i decided i need 10 cupcakes too

  3. Adorable mani! *nom nom nom* :P

  4. Cupcakes, pastels and nail art...
    How can I not love? They're cuteee (: